Technical Support (Tier 1)

Downtown St. Petersburg, FL Full-time

Support Position – Entry level

The Support position at Focus School Software is an entry level position but one of importance in the success of the organization.  The support position is the voice of Focus when a client calls and is often the first line of communication when the district is reporting an issue.  This position requires full-time attendance in the office to monitor tickets, answer phone calls, work with QA and programmers, coordinate and collaborate with account executives and support project team implementations and/or senior account executive work on 4-6 districts.

Expected Education and Experience:

  • 2 or 4-year  degree or a year of experience in a similar position within education or a technology-related industry
  • Background in an educational setting is strongly preferred
  • Experience with Focus School Software strongly preferred


Support Position Qualifications:

    • Demonstrate solid character, integrity, and share our small business ethics
    • Expect a fast-paced environment with on-the-job training and an independent learning plan.
    • Attention to detail

Organizational and prioritization skills

    • Excellent oral communication, including informative and persuasive speaking skills
    • Excellent written/grammatical skills, extensive writing involved
    • Excellent “people skills,” a natural leader with the ability to motivate, facilitate project movement, and keep the district’s confidence high
    • Listening skills


Job Responsibilities:

  • Communicate directly with Tier 2 Support on open tickets
  • Communicate directly with QA on open issues
  • Communicate with Director of Support/Executive team on outstanding district issues
  • Handle incoming support calls through Zendesk/support line
  • Coordinate project support with project team if district you are supporting is in implementation
  • Coordinate ongoing support with account executive if district you are supporting is post-implementation
  • Liaison between Tier 2, the district and the project team or senior account executive when escalating Zendesk tickets for districts 
  • Take part in weekly and/or bi-weekly status calls with assigned Districts
  • Work to deplete backlog of open/ pending/suspended tickets for assigned district
  • Monitor support calendar that includes key dates such as school start date, school end date, progress reports, report cards, state reporting windows, holidays etc.
  • Assist with pre-emptive testing for all progress and report cards for assigned district 
  • Occasional travel may be required to support assigned district
  • Complete two week training program
  • Complete level 1 technical Certification training within 8 weeks of hire
  • Have phone line open and available during all work hours
  • Monitor Zendesk queue during all work hours